K3 Solar Charger - Ontario

K3 Solar Charger — Ontario

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K3 Solar Charger is a hand held Solar and Wind Charger that will charge all of your hand held electronics; cell phones, iPods, game players, cameras, etc. The K3 Solar Charger, also known as My Solar Buddy stores enough energy to charge a mobile phone more than 5 times or an iPod/MP3 player more than 10 times; before itself needs to be recharged (by sun, wind or plug). Just one hour of sun and wind will provide about 30 minutes of talk time or over 300 minutes of MP3 play time. My Solar Buddy is the eco-friendly way to power your devices anytime, anywhere. My Solar Buddy comes with a carrying bag, an ac adapter plug, a USB connector and 2 iGo adapter tips for easy device changes. There are over 50 iGo tips available to accommodate your charging needs. For more information visit: www.mysolarbuddy.com